STFU and write!

That’s my new mantra. After a crazy couple of months, I have decided that there is just no whining allowed. It was a tough decision but ultimately that whiny shit had to go. Good, bad, crazy, boring, tangential, slow, fast, whatever. I’m writing! (To get my mood, I’m writing! should be said — sung, really — in a fabulous, over the top kind of way)

I supersized the month of October. I wrote and performed two brand spanking new stories, reworked and performed another, and wrote (and directed? let’s call it that, sure!) a ten minute play. I also did a storytelling workshop with SpeakeasyDC.

The play reading — Election Day Plays (Beltway Drama Series) — was so much fun. I met some super talented and cool playwrights and actors, and I felt so lucky to work with the divalicious Ms. Baden-Campbell again! Because I had to write that piece quickly, I pushed myself to take an idea and go with it.  No second guessing! No whining. Whining don’t live here anymore!

I did three storytelling shows: the fall Story League tournament, SpeakeasyDC’s October open mic and SpeakeasyDC’s Story Showdown.  Plus the class.  That’s a lot of storytelling. Best part? I met so many amazing and supportive storytellers! Worst part? My kids don’t accept “I’m stressed out about the show” as an excuse for having less patience than usual.

Storytelling remains challenging for me.  I’m not a natural performer, and I don’t feel like I have a rolodex of crazy yet true events to draw from. I am resolving to let my story ideas evolve for a bit.  Overall I’m probably getting more comfortable as a performer, but I totally get stuck in my head sometimes.

Pre-show last Friday I was totally scared shitless. I should be psyched that I bucked up and got the hell through it. Saturday I was still freaked, so I had to give myself a weird talking to in order to get over it.  The lesson here is that storytelling is a great opportunity to develop additional personalities. You’ll never be lonely!

Whatever, I’m pledging to let go and experience the process, so I’m not going to overanalyze too much.  It’s cool if I’m a little neurotic. Or a lot neurotic. Doesn’t matter. STFU and write!

p.s. We got a kitten. It is named Kai after the famous literary character from Ninjago. Obviously I picked the name.

p.p.s. Working on jenny splitter dot com. Videos and more! Ok, not much more. In progress.

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