A Very Special World Breastfeeding Week

Last week…ish was World Breastfeeding Week. I celebrated by trying to wean my toddler.

You're So Coming With Me To College

Me: So. I want to talk to you about something.  I really think it’s time to wean.

e: Ha! Not a chance lady.

Me: But I feel like this could be an opportunity for you and me to establish some healthy boundaries.

e: Boundaries? That’s a big word, sister.  And what about my needs?

Me: I mean, look, the evidence shows that the physical benefits of extended breastfeeding are limited at best.

e: That’s ridiculous. I’m sure this stuff is gold. And what about my emotional needs?

Me: We can still cuddle while you drink milk from a sippy cup.

e: Cuddle? Please, I have a dad and a brother for that.  I expect you to bring something more to the table.

Me: Just how long do you think this is going to go on?

e: Stop pressuring me. Don’t you understand child led weaning?

Me: That’s so one kid ago.  You know how it goes for the younger kids.  Be thankful you have a baby book.  Your aunt only got a few pages at the end of mine.

e: I knew I liked that lady.  Of your sisters, she’s totally my favorite.

Me: She’s my only sister.

e: Oh. Well, that’s awkward.

Me: Look, I’m ready for a change.  It’s not you, it’s me.

e: Of course it’s you. Who else would it be? I’m the center of the universe!

Me: You’re on notice. That’s all I’m saying.

e: Have you talked to Daddy about this? You know, he’s kind of a fan.

Me: Would you consider a bribe?

e: Hmm…I might be persuaded by some TV time.  I mean, hey, speaking of questionable evidence…and I love that Elmo guy.  I think he’s really going places.

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