Cycling Doesn’t Teach You What It’s Like to Be Black

I know we’ve all moved on from What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege, but I just have to put this out there:

Cycling isn’t anything like being black. Ok, ok. It’s true that I’m not black, so who am I to put a damper on this brilliant comparison but I am a Jew and, let me tell you, cycling isn’t even like being Jewish.

I’m not saying cyclists don’t experience unfair and shoddy treatment or institutions that reject cycling as a means of transportation but that’s not even in the same universe as actual oppression or the byproducts of actual oppression (e.g., privilege).

I know, I know. The author was using cycling as a metaphor.

Er, why exactly?

Are you telling me there are people who have been walking around scoffing at white privilege until this crucial moment in which it was pointed out that it’s kind of like that time when there wasn’t a bike lane?

If that’s true, I have lost all hope. For everything and everyone, everywhere. Whatever happened to learning history? Or just listening to the experiences of someone different from yourself?

This video made me laugh and cry. My kids will never have to say anything like this, let alone at such a precious young age.

I think that might be an example of white privilege but perhaps I should put on a bike helmet and spend some time gazing at my navel.

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