Things I Didn’t Do This Week 8-14

Oops, I almost forgot to write the Things I Didn’t Do This Week. I guess I must have been busy getting a few things done but definitely not any of the following —

1) Let my kids do anything in the kitchen. Because I can only do this with the help of Xanax.

How is this woman so fucking calm?
How is this woman so fucking calm?

2) Buy pumpkin anything. I don’t approve of this shit in fall LET ALONE MID-AUGUST.

Just Say No.
Just Say No.

3) Do any sort of DIY anything for back to school.  Nope. Didn’t do it.

So pretty! I don't care.
So pretty! I don’t care.

Is school even starting? Is this even my life? I’ll be at the pool ENJOYING A SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE BEVERAGE.

Photo on 8-6-15 at 5.44 PM

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