Clean(ish) Eating Lamb Bacon and French Lentil Salad

Have you ever tried lamb bacon?  It’s a lot like regular bacon, but…(wait for it) it tastes more like lamb.  It’s leaner than pork, but more flavorful than turkey bacon.

I bought a couple of packs from those Amish guys at the H Street farmer’s market.  The ones who take credit cards.  I know, I know.  Who am I to judge?

I made an amazing salad with french lentils, chevre, local greens and spring onions (also from the market) and the bacon — fried crisp and tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Then later in the week I made a whole wheat pizza using the Artisan in 5 whole wheat pizza dough recipe, and then topped it with the lamb bacon, local ricotta and local wilted baby spinach.

It was so delish, both my husband and son loved it.  The baby was asleep but I’m sure she would have approved as well.  We actually had a similar version last night with store bought bacon and Trader Joe’s ricotta.  After enjoying fresh ricotta from a local farm, store bought ricotta is quite humbling.

In other news, the bad mommies have been busy bad mommies.  I’ve had to tweak my piece multiple times, and it was really unnerving.  I really wanted a particular part — about loss — to be in the final piece, but it didn’t seem to fit.  Or at least so it seemed to everyone else.  I understood how it fit but I wasn’t making it work.  It was so frustrating, but then finally at our last rehearsal it seemed to click.

This week is also the big convention for trademark attorneys — otherwise known as attorneys gone wild — reminding me that I am in limbo.  Not quite an attorney at the moment and not quite a writer.  Scary.

Finally, my son declared that we ought to have another baby.  I mean, not him and me.  He’s past that stage.  He would like us to have a boy, if that’s how they come.  He is willing to swap rooms as long as he can retain both closets for his “armory.”  Seems reasonable.  And most likely more about control issues (his) rather than an actual desire for a baby.  Well, okay, perhaps equal parts.

Enough for tonight.  Tonight I’m still a not-pregnant stay-at-home mom who needs sleep to be a good mommy tomorrow by day and a bad mommy tomorrow night at rehearsal.

Oh, also I have reached my goal weight.  I’m so very “not fat.”

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